Toyota Reliability: Why is Toyota so reliable?

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Toyota’s are known for their reliability and that Japanese discipline reflects on all the Toyota’s. There are a lot of Toyota’s used as Taxis for this one reason. They also have a great resale value even after they have done Lakhs of kilometers.
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There are only three simple things with complicated names that Toyota Follows for its incredible reliability.
1. Jidoka
2. Kaizen
3. Practicality over performance


Jidoka for reliability
Jidoka is a Japanese word that means “automation with a human touch”. Most of the car manufacturers in the world rely on automated assembly plants right after the car enters production. When a new Toyota car enters production all the parts are hand-built and assembled until everything is perfect and then automation kicks in slowly. This will result in great reliability.
Fortuner engine
Jidoka ensures that every part that goes into a Toyota’s car is perfect. Since this process takes a lot of time the car maker will reuse the same parts in a lot of their cars. The Toyota Innova and the Fortuner share a lot of parts in common including the engine.


Kaizen for reliability
kaizen is another Japanese word that means “change for better”. In a Toyota plant if any employee sees an improvement that can be made or a problem that can be fixed, He or she can stop the entire production line without any penalties. This is a big deal because stopping a production line affects work of hundreds of other employees and costs a lot of money. This process rectifies the problem during the production and avoids vehicle recall.
Toyota engine
Kaizen principle ensures that the car leaving the production line has no issues. As a result offers great reliability on roads and fewer recalls. Many other manufacturers like General motors, BMW and Subaru have already implemented Kaizen in their production. 

Practicality over performance

Fortuner exterior
Toyota cars are over engineered on purpose and are made to last more than 10 Lakh kilometer. All the parts are overengineered and are also improved during production. All this will increase the reliability of the parts and in turn make the car reliable.
Toyota’s engines rev low compared to other brands and it is very normal that you find a 10 year old Toyota that has done more than 2 Lakh km. Even if it is a 10 year old Toyota it will have a resale value of at least 40% and can still be reliable . In a Nutshell, they prefer a few more miles than a few more revs. 

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