Toyota Fortuner Interior: New and interior accessories

New Toyota Fortuner Interior

Toyota fortuner interior
The new Toyota Fortuner interior has been updated with an 8-inch infotainment system and the Legender gets a 9-inch infotainment system. The Legender version also comes equipped with ambient lighting on the door panels.

Toyota Fortuner Interior features

Both the base variant and the Legender gets new and dark upholstery. The seats now are suction based ventilated seats and also get dual zone AC. The Fortuner’s infotainment system gets android Auto and Apple car play with 9 JBL sound system with a subwoofer. Toyota did not provide everything but they offered some features as add-on accessories for the interior.

Tyre pressure monitoring system

Interior accessories tyre pressure monitoring system
Considering the Toyota Fortuner is an offroader a tyre pressure monitoring system comes in handy in some situations. Toyota offers an official tyre pressure monitoring system with the 2021 Fortuner. A display unit can be mounted in the Toyota Fortuner interior.

Wireless charger

Wireless chargers
Most of the phones come equipped with wireless charging. The Fortuner Legender comes equipped with the wireless charger but if you want one in a standard Fortuner, you can have it as an accessory and can be mounted on the door. interior

Welcome door lamp

Welcome door lamp
The Welcome door lamps are cool. Toyota offers a welcome door lamp as an accessory. They also have hood emblems, leg room lamp, window sunshades and illuminated scuff plate to offer.

3D floor mats

Toyota Fortuner 3d mate
Toyota Fortuner interior gets a lot of accessories and that includes the floor mats. These are available in rubber and fabric material that you can opt according to your linking and requirement.

Heads up Display

Heads up display
Heads up display is not just for making your car look sporty but it also helps you keep your eyes on the road. The Toyota Fortuner interior can be equipped with a heads up display from Toyota as an additional accessory.

Prices for Toyota Fortuner Interior accessories

Toyota Fortuner
2021 Toyota Fortuner interior accessories Price 
Floor Mat (Fabric) Rs. 4,180 to Rs. 4,200
Floor Mat (Rubber)Rs. 1,620 to Rs. 1,630
Trunk Mat (Fabric)Rs. 1,250
Illuminated Scuff Plate Rs. 11,200
Leg Room Lamp (App based) Rs. 5,350
Scuff plate Rs. 2,990
Gear Knob CoverRs. 3,130
Seatbelt PadRs. 500
Cushion Rs. 510
3D Floor MatRs. 3,640
Wood Inserts/Panel Rs. 5,330
Window SunshadesRs. 3,790
Air Ioniser Rs. 6,750
Head-Up Display Rs. 8,250
Welcome Door Lamp Rs. 1,910
Tyre Pressure Monitor Rs. 3,820
Wireless Smartphone Charger (second row) Rs. 4,180
DVR (Digital Video Recorder) Rs. 7,810

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