Toyota Fortuner and its rivals


The new Toyota Fortuner has some serious rivals. Lets compare some major factors of Fortuner and its rivals and know which is better.
If you look at the Toyota Fortuner and its rivals comparison, it’s clear that most of the rivals are offering better within the price range. The newly launched MG Gloster has taken the place of Ford endeavor to become the second most sold premium SUV. Let’s look at the comparison of some top factors in the form of charts.

Mileage is Important

When it comes to mileage, MG Gloster seems to be a clear winner followed by Ford Endeavor. Moreover, the twin turbo version of the MG Gloster that made 215bhp has better mileage in comparison with the Fortuner.

Power is fun

Toyota Fortuner and its rivals power comparison
The MG Gloster twin turbo variant is the most powerful of all that makes 215bhp. The Fortuner Diesel variant makes 201bhp which is also a good number considering the rivals.

Torque is a must

Torque comparison
The Toyota Fortuner has a whooping 500Nm torque with the automatic version also the MG Gloster twin turbo makes 480Nm torque that is needed in an off road condition. Petrol variants offered with the Fortuner have the least amount of torque of 245Nm. That’s not what you need in an SUV!

Bigger is better but not Dynamic

The Size is an important factor for an SUV. The Toyota Fortuner might be the smallest of all in comparison but does not disappoint when it comes to road presence. The Fortuner is more dynamic in comparison with the rivals. The MG Gloster is humongous in size and also has good road presence.

Ground Clearance comparison

Toyota Fortuner and its rivals Ground clearance comparison
Ground clearance is important for off roading. The Toyota Fortuner doesn’t have the best ground clearance of all but the off road capabilities depend on lot of other design factors. 

Price comparison

Price comparison
The reason for the Rivals posing a threat to the Fortuner is the price. The MG Gloster is priced at 29.98 Lakh, all the prices are for the base variants. The Alturus G4 is priced least but did not do well in the market.  When you look at the price comparison of Toyota Fortuner and its rivals, the Fortuner is priced approximately 1 Lakh more.

Toyota Fortuner and its rivals Sales Figure

 sales numbers
While the Fortuner is the King of the segment with 584 units sold in December 2020. The newly launched MG Gloster replaced the Ford Endeavor taking the second place with 458 units sold followed by 447 units of Endeavor. The Alturus G4 is still struggling with 9 units sold in December.

Customer satisfaction survey

J.D. power brand satisfaction comparison
The Survey is conducted by J.D. power which is an American data analytics company. As a result of the survey, they will rate the brands with points. According to the survey Mahindra scores highest compared to Ford and Toyota (Hyundai has the maximum point). Toyota has 852 points placing it in 2nd place followed by Ford with 844 points.

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