The Ather 450X


Ather 450X
It is all about saving money and commuting when you think about an electric scooter. That was until Ather arrived and launched the Ather 450. Ather is a Bengaluru based startup that came up with performance electric scooters that packed host of features.

The 450X

Ather 450x
In early 2020, Ather launched the 450X which added to the 450’s performance. It is much faster, lighter, more range and is loaded with more features. Engineers at Ather managed to make the scooter lighter by 11kg!

Battery and Torque

Ather 450 Battery and motor
Ather has made some significant improvements in the 450X. The battery pack has been increased from 2.7Kwh to 2.9Kwh and is also a kilo lighter than the previous battery pack. There is a new mode called Wrap mode that will boost the torque.  Well, more torque and less weight will make the 450X quicker.    


Ather 450X acceleration
The 450X is quicker than all! The TVS iQube has a 4.4Kw motor that makes 140Nm wheel torque and the Chetak electric has a 4Kw motor that produces 16Nm torque but has a linear power delivery. It is also quicker than some petrol scooters such as the Aprilia SR 150 and TVS Ntorq 125.


Ather 450X ride
The torquey nature of the motor should make it fun to ride. It has a brushless DC motor that has a continuous power of 3.3kw and a peak power of 6kw. The motor makes a 26 Nm torque that accelerates the 450X from 0-40kmph in 3.3sec. The 450X’s gradeability has increased from 18° to 25°.


Ather 450 X Dashboard
The operating system is now Android and it also has 4G connectivity. This improves the user interface and gets the zoom function in the maps. The 7 inches TFT gets a dark mode in the 450X and also Bluetooth for call and music control. Ather also offers a connected helmet and tire pressure monitoring system.


Ather 450X charging
The battery pack and charging has been improved, the Charing rate has been increased from 1km/min to 1.45km/min. This is available only on the Ather grid. However, in a standard 5A charger it takes around 5 hours and 45min.


Ather 450X prices
The price for the Ather 450x is ₹ 99,000 ex-showroom which makes the scooter cheaper compared to the TVS iQube and Chetak but this price is for the base scooter.  After purchasing the scooter you will have to opt for one of the subscription models. The plus will cost ₹1699 per month and some features are locked and the power is limited to 5.4Kw. The Pro pack will cost you ₹1999 per month and will have the full power of the 450X. There is an outright purchase option also where you have to pay ₹139,990 for plus and ₹159,000.

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