How Tata Puts together its EVs

Tata Motors is a multinational automotive giant that makes passenger cars, commercial and military vehicles. It is a part of Tata group and is India’s largest Manufacturer of commercial vehicles. Even though Tata is an old player, it is always in the race for future technology development. Tata has a range of electric vehicles already added to its fleet along with more advanced electric vehicle techs like Ziptron in Nexon EV. 

Electra EV

In 2017 Tata motors did not have a single EV in its fleet and received an order from Energy Efficiency service pvt. Ltd. to supply 2000 EVs. This order was achieved by partnering with a EV powertrain design company called Electra EV backed by Ratan Tata.

Tigor EV

Electra EV makes the powertrain for Tata’s Tigor EV and over 2000 EVs with Electra Ev’s powertrain are currently running in the market. It has partnered with Swiss based EV firm called Green motion to provide charging infrastructure in India.


 Tata motors is one of the largest automaker in the country that has entered the EV market. Know how Tata EVs and Nexon electric are made and put together.
TElectra EV assembles the battery in house and the cells are imported depending on the requirement, charging setup and motors used. The Range of the Tigor EV was optimized from 140km to 213km by optimizing the battery pack and BMS (Battery management system). 
Below are some of the features of BMS from Electra EV
1.Individual voltage monitoring up to 36 channels
2.SOC/DOD/SOH calculation
3.Cell Temperature monitoring
4.Cell Balancing – Active/Passive
5.Charge control
6.ISO 26262 functional safety
8.Configurable software


The motors for the Tigor EV and upcoming Tata Ace EV will be developed by Electra EV. They develop a range of motors from 42v to 750v but the Tigor EV has a 72v electric motor coupled with a single speed gearbox and produces 40bhp along with 105Nm torque. 
1.Motors ranging from 48 – 750V
2.AC Induction and Permanent Magnet (IP65)
3.Air cooled and liquid cooled
4. 4.5 KW to 180 KW Peak Power
5.4 Nm to 4500 Nm Peak Torque

Nexon EV

Tata Nexon EV is more advanced than other Tata EVs. It is the first EV to roll out with Tata’s Ziptron technology that is made in house with partnership with Tata Autocomp.

Ziptron Battery

Tata Autocomp develops the battery pack and it will come enclosed within high strength steel and is IP67( Dust and waterproof). The Li-ion cells will have a liquid cooling heat sink for maintaining an ideal temperature.  Tata motors offer an 8-years warranty on the battery and motor.

Ziptron Motor

The Motor featured in this is a 300v permanent magnet motor that is far more better than the 72v motors in the Tigor EV.  The Ziptron will be available with driving modes that give the drivers the options to maximize range or enhance performance.

How the Nexon EV car is put together

The Front face of EV revolution might be giant automakers like Tata, Mahindra etc.. But the real work and technology comes from the beginning of the supply chain. According to the automakers need, the vendors will perform R&D, design and manufacturing.  

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Electra EV

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