Struggles of living with a 1000bhp Hypercar


That’s a beauty! How much horse power is it? It’s a thousand.

Oh, the grin hypercar owners have when talking about their 2-million-dollar travel investment. It’s a love-hate moment for most of us. On one side, they have a million-dollar fire breather while we are stuck with our Prius. On the other, it’s the coolest thing we have ever seen.

But hey! Is the “coolest thing ever” really that cool?

While most of us fancy owning a 1000bhp, pure-carbon hand crafted beauty, representing the pinnacle of automotive engineering, very few of us knows the struggle that comes along with it.

So, here are a few to educate you.

1. Compact interior

A 1000bhp engine is not just insanely powerful, it massive. So much so that it contributes to about half of the car size and 1/3 of its weight. With almost all hypercar manufacturers utilizing mid-engine layout, the engine is put in the rear-mid position. This pushes passenger compartment towards front axle, while ultimately decreasing its sizei.

2. Single Digit Mileage

In the supercar world, there is word as fuel efficiency. Mileage per liter are in single digits and fuel tanks are just massive. Open your baby a little and both becomes irrelevant. According to a post @Telegraph, a completely filled Bugatti Chiron can burn 100 liter petrol in SEVEN minutes.

3. Ear-deafening exhaust

In our daily life, City traffic is loud, construction sites are extremely loud, supercars are Karen loud, Hyper cars blow your ear drums out. While hyper cars are the world’s fastest production cars, they also are the loudest.

4. No Practicality

 While 2 million dollars can get you one the world’s fastest car, it fails to give you a decent glove box. That’s because a 1000bhp Hypercar can have a 1000-pound engine but can’t have a 10-pound glove box due to additional weight.

So next time you want to go on picnic, it’s better to take your Prius.

5. Insanely Low

Hypercars are made to break 200 mph barriers with ease. For that they are designed to be extremely low so they can stick to the ground. As a result, you have a ground clearance less then 130mm (5 inches).

If you go by Autoportal, Bugatti Veyron has a 90mm ground clearance while the Koenigsegg Agera sits at 100mm. That’s less then 4 inches. Add a compact interior with uniquely designed doors and getting in and out is now an adventure.

By the way, good luck with the speed breakers!


6. Excessively Expensive

Buying a brand new 1000 bhp car costs a fortune, but the cost of ownership is something else. To put it in perspective, a set of Koenigsegg Agera wheels costs you $50,000 which as per Policy Advice is equal to the annual income of an average American.


7. Safe but Not so safe

Your 1000 bhp behemoth is safe in the garage, its safe on the road, it also safe in a car meet. But take it for a quick grocery shopping and you will face your real insecurities.

As costly as these things are, they are extremely delicate and attract a lot of attention. Meaning that in a moment, your baby would be the new selfie destination.

8. Bumpy rides

If there is one thing every Hypercar owner is afraid off, it’s the uneven roads. The reason is the utterly stiff suspension which enables the vehicle to provide better handling at higher speeds.

However, those little bumps and pots you find on the road puts stress on your car’s suspension as they absorb very less of it. This not only damages your vehicle but you literally feel those bumps on your spine.

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