Self driving cars: who makes it possible

Self driving cars

Audi self drive concept
 Auto manufacturers are already into autonomous driving and ADAS. The Tesla Autopilot is known all over the world and auto parking, parking sensors were all part of vehicle automation.


Tesla model S autopilot
Tesla brought self driving into production and proved the possibility. They are considered to have Level 2 autonomy that can maintain lane and brake when required. Basically it can drive on a highway and can monitor the environment. It is equipped with the hardware to support level 4 autonomy but needs enough software testing.

Daimler Benz

Daimler Benz concept car
Daimler Benz says it will be equipping Level 3 autonomous systems in the next generation Mercedes Benz S-class with software ready to be downloaded over the air as soon as the law permits level 3 . There is also a lineup of prototypes made by the brand that showcase self driving.


Honda grand
Honda Claims to have granted safety certification from the Japanese government for its “Traffic jam pilot”, just another name for self driving that allows the drivers to take their eyes off the road. They plan to equip the system in the upcoming Honda Legend that will be launched by march 2021.

GM Cruise

GM Cruise autonomous chevy bolt
Cruise is an American self-driving car company that is acquired by GM. It developed a self driving version of Chevy Bolt and got permission for testing, Now we are talking about Level 4 and 5 autonomy here! These are not production vehicles they are under testing.


Waymo is a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc, the parent company of google that develops and tests autonomous driving technologies and provides it to auto makers. The brand unveiled several new sensors and chips that are less expensive for manufacturing and develops hardware such as cameras, Lidars and radars. It has partnerships with Fiat Chrysler, Daimler AG, Intel, Jaguar Land rover and Volvo for autonomous driving. 


Mobileye EYEQ3
Mobileye is an Israeli company that develops vision based self driving cars and is a subsidiary of intel. It develops self driving system that is based on a vision system with motion detection that uses a single camera mounted in the rear view camera, unlike the usual approach of using radar and Lidars on the roof. Tesla used to use Mobileye’s technology until they designed their own computer.

System on chip Tesla

Tesla's system on chip
Tesla used Mobileye’s EyeQ3 before ending the partnership with Mobileye. They developed an in-house system on chip. They claim that the system would process 2,300 frames per second which is a 21X improvement in image processing compared to 110 frames per second in EyeQ3 . Each chip is capable of processing 36 trillion operations per second and there are two!.
Self drive car testing
Autonomous vehicles will undoubtedly hit the roads in the future. Survey told a different story, In a 2012 survey only 22% people responded in a positive attitude. The number increased in 2016 to 66%, majority of people think that autonomous vehicles are smart but remaining think that there will be safety issues. Autonomous vehicles are free of human error for sure but that’s true when the cars around you are autonomous too.

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