Real Cars Portrayed As Pixar Cars

We all have seen the animated movie Cars right? Well today are some real life cars portrayed as Pixar cars

Ferrari 458 Italia

Here is how the Ferrari 458 Italia will look in a Pixar Movie. By his looks I think he is a friend of Jackson Storm, ready to smash their predecessors with all their Hi Tech gadgetry. Also given the Red livery and sharp features, it might be featured as a girl friend of some other car 🙂

Lamborghini Aventador SV

Rich kid’s son buys himself rims more worth than a new BMW. Hard earned money? I think not Journalists say its a complete waste of money and not a big upgrade from the previous rims some people have even changed his name to Aventador SV

Nissan GTR Nismo

This happy little Nissan GTR looks like a distant brother of Tow Mater to me with that positive and funny attitude. The world needs more people like these especially at the time of the Corona Virus, God bless him

Rolls Royce Phantom

We have seen a few billionaire cars in Pixar. Most of these are old guys. Why are rich guys old? May be it takes a lifetime to make that money. Headline news- Billionaire Royce Bezos proceeds to buy 2 more companies because one company according to him is just not enough!!

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