Nissan future plans

Nissan’s New strategy

Nissan in an attempt to revive its business in India made a new 4 year strategy. The brand wants to re-work the strategy for the country and meet customer demand by providing quality products and services. The execution of the strategy started with the Nissan magnite SUV.

The Plan

New nissan magnite
The Nissan future Plans focuses mainly on AMI ( Africa, Middle east and India) markets since it accounts for 10% of the global market. The company plans to launch affordable sedans and sports utility vehicles. Not sure about the sedans but the compact SUV certainty made an impact.
Nissan rogue
The brand and their partners will not be using small diesel engines, instead will be concentrating on petrol engines and large diesel engines to meet the emission norms.
Magnite interior concept
Nissan future plans also includes introducing eight new products in the coming 4 years. It mainly focuses on Affordable sedans and SUVs and However, there is no mention of any hatchbacks. The cars will be designed in Japan and will be first launched in India and then exported to Africa and the Middle east.

First product

Magnite Interior
In the new strategy (nissan future plans) line up the first product is the all new Nissan Magnite. The new Nissan Magnite SUV was an instant success for the brand and in addition is currently the most affordable compact SUV in India and offers all that you need in a compact SUV.

Powered by

Nissan magnite engine
The Nissan Magnite is powered by a 1.0-liter engine that makes 71bhp and it also has a turbo petrol variant that makes 98bhp. It is also offered both automatic and manual variants. The Magnite is currently the most affordable compact SUV in India priced between Rs.5.49 – 9.59 Lakh ex showroom.


Nissan sales
Nissan Magnite was launched in December in 2020. One month after the launch, the Magnite received 32,800 bookings. Nissans sales significantly improved after the Magnite’s launch. In January 2020 Nissan sold 1,413 units and in January 2021 it raised to 4,021 and the brand said it will be hiring additional 1000 employees and will be adding a third shift to meet the requirement.

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