NIO Vs Tesla: Rivals in China

Electric car sales in china

Tesla sales in India
Even though Tesla entered china in late 2019 and resealed only three models. Tesla took over the market and became the top selling EV brand in china making the Model S best selling car.
ET 7 sedan
In 2018 after being listed on the new York stock exchange NIO raised billions of dollars making it a highest profile Chinese electric car maker. While Tesla is leading the world market and Chinese market in electric vehicles, NIO with just 6 years of emerging has taken second place in the market and proves a strong chance of market dominance over the decade.


NIO is a Chinese automobile manufacturer that specializes in designing and manufacturing electric vehicles. It was founded in 2014 by William Li. It is backed by several companies like Tencent, Temasek, Baidu, Lenovo, and TPG.

Tesla, Inc

Tesla is an American electric vehicle manufacturer and is the world’s largest Electric car manufacturer. It was founded in 2003 as Tesla Motors. In 2019, Tesla started operation in China and started production of only Model 3, Model S and Model Y.

Tesla Roadster Vs NIO EP9

roadster vs EP9
Tesla Roadster and the Nio EP9 are both sports cars from these two brands. The EP9 is powered by four electric motors each producing 335 hp. It’s battery can last for up to 427km on a single charge. The Tesla Roadster has three motor configurations, one in front and two in rear. A 248hp motor at the front and two 288hp electric motors at the rear. The Roadster has an impressive range of 1000km on a single charge.

NIO EC 6 and Tesla Model Y

EC 6 and Model Y
The EC 6 and the Model Y are both 5-door and 5-seater crossover SUVs. The Model Y is also in production in China. The EC 6 comes with two variants, the base version with 429bhp and the high end version will deliver 536bhp. The Model Y comes with three variant options: a standard long range variant with 384bhp with 508 Km range, performance variant has two electric motors combined they made 456bhp and 488km range, the performance variant also gets a performance upgrade package that reduces the range to 450km.
Model YEC 6

Tesla Model X VS NIO ES6

Tesla Model Y vs NIO ES6
The Model Y and the ES6  are both midsize crossover SUVs. The ES 6 gets an electric motor that makes 544hp. The Model Y gets two motor setup and comes in three different variants, one with 328hp motors in front and rear, a 259hp motor on the front and the rear and the performance variant gets 259hp on the front and 503hp on the rear.
Model XES 6

NIO ET 7 Vs Tesla Model S

NIO ET 7 vs Model S
The NIO ET 7 is an upcoming sedan that might rival the model S. The ET 7 will come with NIO’s new solid state batteries with a 1000km range. It has two electric motors that puts out 644hp. The model S base model gets a 670hp motor and the model S plaid outs 1020hp. The Model S had the lowest aerodynamic drag coefficient of 0.24 and the 2019 Model S had 0.23 drag coefficient.
Model SET 7

Autonomous Tech: Tesla Autopilot

Tesla autopilot
Autopilot is an advanced driver assistance system developed by Tesla. All the Tesla cars roll out with sensors and software to support Autopilot. The Autopilot got a software update that can recognize and automatically stop at stop signs. The cars also slow down and eventually stop at traffic lights even if the light is green and only when the driver indicates it is safe it proceeds.

Autonomous Tech: NIO Pilot

NIO pilot
NIO Pilot is the company’s level 2 autonomous system. The System was first introduced in NIO’s ES 8. In 2019, NIO announced a partnership with Mobileye to develop a car with level 4 autonomy. Several over the updates throughout 2018 and 2019 has enhanced NIO Pilot with features such as lane keeping, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, automatic emergency braking, highway pilot, traffic Jam pilot, auto lane change and more
Solid state battery
NIO introduced swapping batteries in their cars that will take 8 minutes to replace a battery. While Tesla relies on their supercharger for charging the battery it recently also revealed a new battery technology that will be implemented in the near future. Similarly, NIO introduced a solid state battery tech in their upcoming sedan ET 7. 

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