Mercedes-Benz Coupe Line-Up in the US

Mercedes-Benz CLA Coupe

The Mercedes-Benz CLA Coupe is one of the smallest cars in the coupe line-up but it definitely delivers the luxurious experience that Mercedes is synonymous with. The car is reasonably priced with the base model starting at $37,850 while still providing the premium features you’d expect from a high-end car. The 221HP and 258 lb-ft engine on the base model is only satisfactory but the power hungry folks should definitely opt for the AMG model with a 382HP and 354 lb-ft engine.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe

The C-Class Coupe is more like a sedan that didn’t drink enough protein shake to become an SUV. That being said, it’s not a bad looking car by any means. The sporty look makes it look fast, even though the base model comes with only a 255HP and 273 lb-ft engine. Priced at $47,200, like the rest of the C-Class cars it’s the perfect balance between performance and luxury while not burning too-deep a hole in your bank account. The AMG model comes with a much powerful 385HP and 384 lb-ft engine.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe

Same as the C-Class Coupe, the E-Class Coupe is a slightly larger version of it’s sedan counterpart with subtle changes in looks and the sloping roof but shares the same indulgent interiors. The 362HP and 369 lb-ft engine provides for a pillowy ride while being priced at $64,950. The AMG model comes with a beefy 429HP and 384 lb-ft engine.

Mercedes-Benz CLS Coupe

The CLS Coupe is actually a mid-size sedan masquerading as a coupe. It shares many of its features with the E-Class coupe but is much larger and comes with an upscale cabin filled with features you didn’t know you needed. The CLS Coupe sports the same base model 362HP and 369 lb-ft engine and 429HP and 384 lb-ft AMG engine as the E-Class Coupe while starting at $70,300.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe

The S-Class Coupe is the jacked up version of the S-Class sedan with the same uber-luxurious interiors and more features than one can ever use. The S-Class Coupe borrows the amazing drive quality and overall experience from its sedan cousin while sporting the sloping roof in the rear. The base model priced at $130,150 comes with a 463HP and 516 lb-ft which is plenty powerful but for those who want to go even faster can opt for the AMG model with a 603HP and 664 lb-ft engine.

Mercedes-AMG GT 4Door Coupe

The AMG GT 4Door Coupe just the company letting you share it’s ballistic GT sports car experience with more of your friends (considering you already have friends) by giving room to seat 2 more passengers in the back. Mercedes has somehow managed to carve out additional space from thin air for a relatively spacious cargo area. You can finally get your wife onboard for buying a GT now since this is technically a “family car”, but be prepared to sleep on the couch for the next few days. The $99,950 car comes packed with a 429HP and 384 lb-ft engine that’s sure to make you squeal in joy while your child screams in horror.

Mercedes-AMG GT/R Coupe

The Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Coupe is Mercedes’ balls-to-the-walls, no compromise beast of a machine that performs just as amazing as it looks. The stunning bodywork combined with the all-powerful 469HP and 465 lb-ft engine is sure to give you the adrenaline rush you crave for, but costing you a fat $115,900. If somehow the AMG GT does scratch your itch and you have the bank balance to pay for it then look no further than it’s cousin the AMG GT R, sporting an absolutely overkill 577HP and 516 lb-ft engine that will make you believe that you can fly.

Image Credits:
Car Images: Mercedes Benz USA Website
Feature Image: Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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