‘Lucid Air Touring’ vs ‘Tesla Model S Performance’

‘Lucid Air Touring’ vs ‘Tesla Model S

Lucid Motors has unveiled its all-electric sedan packed with impressive performance and loaded features. Does it have all it takes to compete with the EV revolutionist, the Tesla Model S?

Lucid Motors variants

Lucid Motors has four variants to offer, The Lucid Air Dream Edition that is priced at $169k, The Air Grand Touring priced at $139k, The Air Touring Priced at $95k and the Air that is expected to be out in 2022 will be priced less than $80k.
The Model S comes in two variants the Model S Long-range priced at $75k and the Model S Performance Priced at $95k, So its fair to compare the Model S Performance and The Air Touring.

Lucid Air Touring and the Tesla Model S Performance

Lucid Air Touring and the Tesla Model S Performance both priced from $95k leave their own trail marks when it comes to performance. Both sedans get a dual-motor all-wheel-drive system making 778hp in the Model S and620hp in Lucid Air Touring. The 0-60mph mark takes just about 2.3sec by the Model S and 3.2 sec by the Air.


Lucid Air has more to offer when it comes to comfort and luxury with its customizable interiors, a 32inch 5k floating dashboard along with a retractable center touch panel. It gets Amazon Alexa built-in.
The Model S has a good looking and comfortable interior but it is not in the same class as Lucid air. When it comes to the infotainment system, Tesla offers a tone of features such as YouTube, Netflix, and also minigames. It also includes several practical features such as video surveillance and dog mode.

The Tour Plan

The Lucid Air Touring gets a 113kwh battery pack that gives a range of 406 miles on a single charge, Whereas refilling that juice happens at a rate of 300kwh and in about 20min.
The Tesla Model S Performance with a 100kwh battery pack makes 348 miles on a single charge and takes about 38min to charge at a rate of 150kwh.

Self Drive Tech

Lucid’s Dream Drive system is an advanced driver assistance system that functions based on the inputs from an array of 32 sensors including a long-range LIDAR. Initial productions of Lucid Air will have Dream Drive’s level 2 functionalities such as drive and parking assistance. According to Lucid, the hardware is future-ready for the OTA update of Dream Drive’s level 3 functionalities which might include self-drive features.
Tesla on the other hand is known for its Autopilot feature. It is nowTesla’s mature technology that is improved over the years through customer feedback and OTA updates.

Lucid Motors and Electrify America

Lucid Motors has teamed up with Electrify America for its charging network. While Electrify America is being expanded at a significant rate Tesla also has its well-established Superchargers network. So we planned a trip! All the way from LA to New your city. Throughout the trip, the chargers were located as per the above map. Note that we can charge a Tesla at an Electrify America charging point as well. So that increases the number of points for a Tesla. Nevertheless, you will not run out of juice before you hit a charging point in either car. So the range is not much of a differentiator.

Tesla on the other hand is known for its Autopilot feature. It is now Tesla’s mature technology that is improved over the years through customer feedback and OTA updates.

Let’s talk about the new player in the game. Lucid Motors, they might be new for the commercial EV market but not the industry. They design the Electric power train system that is currently used in the formula E. As we know Lucid Air has 4 variants with a significant cost difference. The top-end Lucid Air Dream Edition puts out an immense power of 1080hp and up to 503 miles range. It comes with an exclusive Santa Monica interior with natural wood trims and Alcantara inserts along with Lucid’s level 3 Dream Drive functionality.

So which do you buy? If you are looking for practicality, mature software, wide serviceability, and some peace of mind you are better off with a Tesla. If you want exclusivity and can live with yet to be proven self-driving tech, you can opt for the Lucid. Unless of course if you have 170k and want a 1000hp monster, Lucid is a clear choice till Tesla has something to offer in that segment. On the other hand, why not a Porsche Taycan!
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