10 Things the Honda Amaze Does Right

#1: Honda Amaze Mileage

Honda amaze engine
The Honda Amaze has really good fuel economy with 24.7 kmpl for the diesel engine and 18.6 kmpl for the petrol engine.

#2: Legroom

Amaze legroom
The Honda Amaze comes with a very generous 2470mm wheelbase giving the back seat passengers a ton of legroom. The added comfort makes this car ideal for long drives.

#3 Boot Space

Boot space
Speaking of long drives, the 420L boot gives you all the space you need to carry anything you want without having to worry about space.

#4: No Recycling Designs

Honda Amaze design
The Honda Amaze 1st generation was based on the Honda Brio. But in 2018 it got redesigned and rebuilt from scratch and is no longer just a rehash of a hatchback stretched into a sedan.

#5: Better Engine

The diesel engine on the Honda Amaze is the lightest engine in its segment. This gives the car better handling and higher fuel efficiency.

#6: Automatic Variants

Automatic variants
The amaze comes with the Honda CVT automatic transmission options for both petrol and diesel variants which offers convenience and performance at the same time.

#7: Safety

Honda Amaze safety
This car is designed with the Honda Ace body structure at its base. This body design uses a network of front frame structures to absorb and deflect the energy from a frontal collision. It also comes standard with 2 airbags for the front seat passengers.

#8: Support

Honda support
The Amaze offers an unrivalled 3 years unlimited distance warranty which provides service for the owners for 3 years without any questions asked.

#9: Purpose Built

Most cars that are designed abroad are not capable of handling Indian roads but the Honda Amaze is designed from the ground up to be able to travel through Indian roads like a breeze.

#10: Infotainment System

Infotainment system
The Honda Amaze comes with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Weblink built into the infotainment system. This makes it easier to synchronize your phone with your car making navigation and playing music a seamless experience.

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Honda Car India

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