History Of The Dodge Challenger

Dodge Challenger Gen 1

The Dodge Challenger Generation one came out in 1970 as the arch nemesis of the Pontiac Firebird, the Mercury Cougar and cars of those sorts. Dodge Challenger gen 1 was launched with the Plymouth Barracuda and was slightly cheaper than the Barracuda. Dodge made two mainstream models, the T/A and the R/T. Unfortunately Dodge discontinued this model in 1978.

Dodge Challenger Gen 2

With the Dodge Challenger Gen 2, everything changed. Whatever was good about the Gen 1 was taken away. Instead of selling it as a sports car they sold it as a captive import based on the Mitsubishi Sapporo, which meant that Dodge Bought the Mitsubishi Sapporo and placed the Dodge Challenger name. Dodge even removed the v8 and swapped it with an inline 4 for this car. In the end Dodge Challenger Gen 2 was discontinued from 1983

Dodge Challenger Gen 3

The gen 3 Dodge Challenger had the sporty look like its grandad, the gen 1. This had 391 horsepower and performed like a 600 horsepower vehicle. It has many features of the gen 1 – the iconic front grille, the tail lights and the headlights. Dodge’s most iconic car is in production even now and available at a Dodge dealership. The car is a competitor of the Chevy Camaro and the Ford Mustang.

Dodge SRT Demon

The Dodge Demon came out in 2019 planning to be the world’s fastest drag car. It achieved that comfortably. This car has beaten the Bugatti Chiron, the Mclaren P1, and the Koenigsegg Agera R. The world record set by this car is 9.65 seconds and the time is barely rivalled by multi million dollar supercars with special features, even though the price of this car is less than half of those supercars

The Demon Crate

The Dodge Demon came with its own kit to allow the owner of the car to use the full potential of this car. If you would use the Demon Crate kit, this car would be illegal to drive on the streets. This is why the owners are advised to remove the kit and install the usual parts before hitting the street. This kit contains a hydraulic floor jack with carrying bag, cordless impact wrench with charger, torque wrench, tire-pressure gauge, fender cover and a tool bag.

Plymouth Sapporo

While Dodge Challenger aimed for the more sportier look, I feel it failed. When Plymouth Sapporo came, it was to be aimed at the luxury side. The car had opera lights, FM and all the features a luxury car was meant to have.

Dodge Challenger

After all of this we have the world’s fastest production car with 800 horsepower and with half the price of supercars. This goes to show how much effort Dodge is putting in these cars to give us what we want.
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