History Of The BMW NFS M3 GTR

History of the NFS BMW M3 GTR in all the games it’s ever been in

NFS Most Wanted 2005 

The NFS GTR had its first debut in NFS Most Wanted 2005. At the start of the game the player owns this car but later the M3 GTR is sabotaged and the player has to race all blacklist members to get his beloved M3 GTR. After the player beats razor (black list #1) the player gets his car back and is allowed to use it in free roam

NFS Carbon

The NFS M3 GTR is seen next in need for speed carbon as a tier 3 exotic car Its performance and speed is questionable but the handling of the car is one of the best in the game. It is also seen at the start of the game as the player tries to escape Cross, a bounty hunter and totals the car at the bottom of the canyon

NFS 5-1-0

NFS M3 GTR also was in NFS 5-1-0 with a special blue, white and red livery, you could not do any performance, paint and other modification on this car. It would have been better if NFS would have used the original paint job on this car, but it is what it is.

NFS World

BMW M3 GTR was planned to be introduced in the game but unfortunately it couldn’t come to the launch version of the game. We instead have a E46 M3 with a body kit that looks like the BMW M3 GTR. The M3 GTR was added later at the near end of 2010.

NFS Most Wanted 2012

BMW M3 GTR was soon added to NFS most wanted. It was included with all original liveries in the NFS most wanted 2012 as a NFS heroes pack which also includes the Skyline, Porsche 911, Diablo SV and the Nissan 350z.

NFS No Limits

NFS BMW M3 GTR came in the mobile game- “NFS No Limits” as a special event from December 12th to December 19th 2018. You needed 40 legendary blueprints to make this car which you could find at the black market or the special event.

NFS Heat

The final debut of the NFS GTR till date, is in the game NFS heat as the prize car of the final campaign of the game. driven by Frank Mercer. This car is later allowed in free roam and races, paint can be customized.

Image credits-nfs.fandom.com

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