GT-R the Godzilla


About The Car

Nissan Skyline GT-R won 6 years in a row between 1989 to 1993 at the Japanese Touring Car championships, Won the Spa 24 hours race in 1991 and won 3 years in a row in Australian touring car championship beating cars like BMW M3, Ford Sierra, Porsche 964 Carrera, Audi V8 Quattro, etc. Around this time the Australian media called it “Godzilla” and that name has stuck

The Intentional Misnomer

GT-R stands for Gran Tourismo – Racing. Yes the Japanese used an Italian name – a marketing ploy that speaks volumes about italian racing pedigree of the time

The Not-So-Subtle Flex

GT-R was majorly responsible for cancellation of Japanese Touring Car Championships in 1993 because it became a single car affair at the top for many years in a row. In 1990 it even led to protests by the European entrants. GT-R had a 6 second lead at the end of the first lap over second place BMW!

GT-R has won drag races against cars that cost twice as much. Audi R8, Porsche 911, Lamborghini and Ferrari to name a few. Godzilla’s name seems apt even today.

How Is It So Fast?

GT-R’s prowess is due to a lot of factors. One of the major one being its rear biased 4 wheel drive powertrain. Rear bias means the front will receive power only when it loses traction. This prevents oversteer in full 4 wheel drive systems.

GT-Rs prowess is also due to a smaller V6 engine instead of a heavy V8 or V10. This gives it a near perfect 53/47 weight distribution. Of Course credit also goes to the electronics.

Making The Engine

Every GT-R engine is hand built by one of the four special craftsmen called Takumi. They put their names on every engine.

Marketing Technique

GT-R R35 was advertised with a comic. Japan has a culture and love for comics. When it was launched in the US, they wanted to explain the history of GT-R to Americans this way.
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