Decorated Halloween Cars

The Vampire Miata

Vampire Miata
Thought only people wore costumes for Halloween? Think again. Presenting the Vampire Miata 🙂 Surprisingly she is standing in the sun and seems just fine!

Trunk Monster

halloween trunk monster
Beware of tailing this Trunk Monster. A normal innocent car can open his trunk and gobble you up.

The TIE Fighter

halloween TIE fighter
This Kia Sorento has been recruited by the empire and modified into a TIE Fighter. Hope he will not be blown up by Skywalker.

The Giant Tarantula

halloween spider car
This truck is being swallowed up by a giant tarantula!

The Witch

haloween smart witch
This smart for two witch is just looking for her broom. She will fly away once she finds it.

The Santa Claus

halloween smart for two santa
Smart for two owners seem to be smart in designing this santa. Imagine this in your rear view mirror!

The Ford Crown Victoria

halloween man in a trunk
This ford crown vic famous for being cop cars is now chomping up zombies

The Joker

halloween smart for two joker
Batman’s foe Mr. Joker got hammered into the shape of a car

The Ghost Buster Mobile

halloween ghostbusters
Ghost buster’s mobile unit doing duty to protect your town

The Dodge Charger

halloween trunk sticker
Now going to leave you with that trunk full of treats in a Dodge charger
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