Ceramic coating: Hardness, PPF Vs Ceramic coating, top brands in India

Now in this article let’s talk about various brands that make Ceramic coating. Well before that do you know how to apply ceramic coating? check out here. There are several things you need to know before selecting a ceramic coating material and the basic thing is the hardness. In this article we will know the difference between paint protection film and ceramic coating and their pros and cons.

Paint protection film Vs ceramic coating

Paint protection film
Paint protection film (PPF)
PPF is a thermoplastic urethane film which is malleable and self healing. This makes it a perfect car protection to avoid scratches and rock chips. Another advantage is that it protects the car from sun. The Urethane film of the PPF heals itself before the damage can even reach the paint. It is resistant to high impacts, acidic contaminants, acid rain, material deposits and rock chips. The top layer consists of elastomeric polymers that will return back to their natural shape after damage. 

pros and cons

UV rays protection
Chips and Scratch resistance
Self healing
chemical strains.
Not a long term solution
Does not enhance look
The polythene turns yellow after certain time

Ceramic coating

Ceramic coating
A ceramic coating is a liquid polymer which bonds with the factory paint to form a permanent protective layer. It is a perfect long term solution and great alternative for wax coating. It provides enhanced chemical resistance for UV protection, heat tolerance and scratch resistance. One of the best things about the Ceramic coating is its hydrophobic nature. This will protect your car from water based impurities and avoid water spots.

Pros and cons

Pros and cons of ceramic coating
Enhances look
long term protection
UV rays protection
Chips and Scratch resistance
chemical strains.
Time consuming process

Hardness of a ceramic coating

If you draw sketches or you have friends who do, you might have noticed that they carry different shades of pencils. There are various hardness scales for pencil and the B-stands for darker shades and H-stands for lighter shades. Hardness of the ceramic coating is measured in terms of H scale. In the Scale, glass is at 5H and diamond at 10H. Ceramic coats are available at 9H and 6H Hardness.

Types of ceramic coating

Polymer ceramic coating
Polymer ceramic coating
Polymer ceramic coating is widely used ceramic coating type in India. The bonding between paint and the coat is quite permanent and lasts longer.
Quartz ceramic coating
Quartz Ceramic Coating 
Quarts or silicon dioxide makes the coating stronger and offers more protection. It gives high levels of hardness to protect the paint. Quartz based ceramic coating enhances the shine of the paint.
Types of ceramic coating Hybrid
Hybrid Ceramic coating 
As the name says it is the combination of quartz coating and polymer coating. Both polymer and quartz coatings are applied alternatively across different layers. This type of ceramic coating offers a more protective layer with durability and toughness.

Top 5 ceramic coating brands in India

Cquartz ceramic coating
Carpro Cquartz Ceramic Coating
Carpro is one of the top rated products for protective coatings. The Cquartz Ceramic coating is a quartz based ceramic coating and the shine lasts a bit longer in a quartz based ceramic coating. A 50ml Kit of the Carpro ceramic coating is sufficient for 2 coats.

Armour 9H Nano Ceramic coating

Armor ceramic coating
Armour 9H is a Nano ceramic coating. It has a strong hydrophobic nature which prevents dirt and mud from sticking. The Armour Ceramic coating is 2-3 microns thick coat. Armour ceramic coating claims a durability of 150 car wash or 3 years.

Nasiol Ceramic coating

Nasiol Ceramic coating
Nasiol India is a nano ceramic coating. The brand is sold in India and manufactured in Turkey. Naisol offers all kinds of car protection. The ceramic coating is available in DIY kits and also professional kits.

Preyank Solar Ceramic coating

Preyank Ceramic coating
This brand claims to offer extra protection against UV light. The ceramic coating is of 9H hardness and protects your vehicle from any scratch, wear and tear. It offers 2 year protection of your vehicle.

Sonax Coating

Sonax Ceramic coting
Sonax is a German brand which makes car care products. It is one of the famous ceramic coating brands in India for DIY kits. The Kit includes 2 layers of ceramic coats, microfiber cloths and applicator sponge. If applied properly the company claims it lasts three years.

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