All you need to know about the Tesla Cybertruck


Looks like the apocalypse is near! This might be the right time to talk about a post-apocalyptic vehicle. The tesla Cybertruck certainly looks like the one or is it?

Elon Musk unveiled the Tesla Cybertruck in November 2019. The design looked like it was straight out of some sci-fi movie. The body and the bed look like a single form instead of looking like a conventional truck. Well, will it answer all the questions that might arise in a conventional truck owner’s mind?

How much does the Tesla truck cost?

Tesla offers its truck in three variants, Single motor variant which is an RWD priced at $39,900, Dual motor variant which is an AWD priced at $49,900, and the top variant has Three motors and is also AWD priced at $69,900.

How is the interior of Cybertruck?

The concept model of the truck has an interior that looked as unconventional as the exterior. The seats have no curves and are edgy as the exterior body. The front dash looks really bland with one 17inch display on the dash that is made of marble!. The steering wheel looks pretty futuristic that might not make it to the production.

What are the Cybertruck’s specifications?

As the truck comes in three variants it offers different drivetrain and power figures in each variant as shown above. As you pay more it gets more exciting with 1000lb-ft torque and 2.9sec 0-60 mph acceleration time. The Autopilot feature is standard in all the variants though.

When is the release date of the tesla truck?

Tesla has not announced any exact date for its production. The single motor variant is scheduled to be released in late 2021 and the double and tri motor variants will be released in late 2022.

When is the release date of the tesla truck?

Tesla has not announced any exact date for its production. The single motor variant is scheduled to be released in late 2021 and the double and tri motor variants will be released in late 2022.

Why is the Cybertruck shaped like that?

Even though the truck design looks out of the box, it was criticized for its planar and edgy design. According to Elon Musk, the reason for that is that the material used (ultra-hard 30X steel) cannot be stamped on a press as it breaks the press.

How did Elon handle the fiasco in the Tesla truck reveal? 

The design chief Franz von Holzhausen demonstrated the strength of the truck by hitting a sledgehammer on the body and a steel ball to test the glass. When he threw the metal ball at the driver’s side window, It shattered! After two days of the incident, Musk went on Twitter and explained the reason for the window to break. Apparently the base of the window was cracked because of the sledgehammer’s impact on the door.

Something unconventional will enthuse the fans and haters a lot. The Internet had fun with tesla truck memes! Here are some funny ones.

How did tesla manage such a low price?

Tesla’s Design didn’t just give it a futuristic look but also saved a lot of production cost as it needs minimum tooling and no paint. For the Production of 50 000 Cybertrucks per year, the tooling cost would be about 30 million dollars. To produce the same number of F-150 style trucks, in contrast, would require 210 million dollars in tooling.

Is the Cybertruck really bulletproof?
According to Tesla, the truck is made up of ultra-hard 30X steel and armored glass that is bulletproof up to 9mm handgun shots.

What changes will Tesla make to the truck for production?

Tesla says that the concept is a bit oversized for the US regulations. The production model might be approximately 3% smaller than the concept along with rear view mirrors. Hope they change the steering wheel also considering it is an off-roader!

What actually happened in the tug of war? 

It’s not just because it was electric, Yes it makes a lot of torque and all but this test was unfair. The Ford F-150 that was used in the test was an RWD and of course, the Cybertruck was an AWD the slope was an added advantage for Tesla’s truck.

What else is lined up along with Cybertruck?

On the unveiling night, tesla also unveiled an all-terrain quad bike that was fully electric and can be charged inside the bed of the Cybertruck, Also Elon Musk confirmed that the bed cover of the truck comes with an option to be fitted with a solar panel that can generate up to 15 miles of extra range per day.

What do people think of the tesla truck concept?

There is a lot of criticism about the Cybertruck.  When you introduce the truck to anybody their opinion can range anywhere between weird to awesome. Some claim that it breaks “The design rules”  whereas some really are wowed by the truck and its practicality.
It does have all the things that a truck should have – approach angle, ground clearance, practical bed size and a lot of torque. However, the market that Tesla is targeting is so “Locked in”. These are the people who buy a Ford F-150, and maybe after 5-6 years they go and buy another Ford F-150. Will Cybertruck change all these? What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below if you like to be informed of all upcoming cybertruck info.

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