5 Cars With Least Space In The Second Row

Fiesta ST

Ford Fiesta
If you are looking to seat 5 people frequently in your car, these are cars that will squeeze the back seat occupants the most. Though technically 5 seaters, these cars offer the least amount of shoulder and legroom combination. If space is what you are after, here is a list you might want to checkout.
The  Fiesta ST is an affordable hatchback that gets a 197hp turbocharged engine. It’s a basic package that drives the front wheel with a six-speed manual only option.    
Second-row shoulder width: 49”
Second-row legroom: 31.2”

Mercedes AMG CLA 45

Mercedes AMG CLA45
The CLA 45 is a good entry choice into the AMG series. The 2020 CLA series is more powerful with a 302hp engine and gets a new platform that is stiffer for improved performance.  
Second-row shoulder width: 53.2”
Second-row legroom: 37.1”

Nissan juke

Nissan juke
The funky looking juke stands out in traffic and gives you the fun of driving the 188hp 1.6L turbocharged engine. The CVT only option in the transmission takes some joy out of driving but it’s not a deal-breaker though.  
Second-row shoulder width: 51.4”
Second-row legroom: 32.1”

Toyota Yaris

Toyota Yaris
The 2020 Yaris is a budget-priced car that bags more than you expect. Great handling, gas mileage, and a 106hp engine are positives but misses some key drives assist features. 
Second-row shoulder width: 50”
Second-row legroom: 34.4”

Nissan versa 

Nissan Versa
The 2020 versa with a 122hp 1.6L 4 cylinder engine is a budget sedan. It bags driver-assist features such as adaptive cruise control rear emergency automatic braking, which most of its rivals do not offer.   
Second-row shoulder width: 53.6”
Second-row legroom: 31”

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