10 Petrol Cars With the Worst Mileage in India

Fuel gouge
If you have seen our “Best Mileage Petrol Cars in India” article you might have noticed that petrol engines are offering mileage similar to diesel now. There are some cars that offer considerably less mileage too. This article will speak about 10 petrol cars with the least mileage and are priced under ₹30 Lakhs.

The Ford Ecosport

Ford Ecosports
The Ford Ecosport is one of the best selling cars in Ford India. The 1.5L petrol engine makes 120bhp and 149Nm torque. It is available in 5-speed manual or a 6-speed AMT. It is known for its handling and highway stability that makes it one among the best-selling compact SUVs in India.   
Mileage: 15.9kmpl

The Hyundai Elantra

Hyundai Elantra
The Hyundai Elantra is a premium sedan from the brand. It comes with a 2.0L petrol engine that produces 149bhp and 192Nm torque. It is also one of the least sold sedans due to its extensive pricing.  It is mated with a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic that powers the front wheels. 
Mileage: 14.62kmpl

The Honda CR-V

Honda CR-V
The Honda CR-V comes with only one fully loaded petrol variant. The 2.0L petrol engine makes 151Bhp  and 185Nm torque. It is paired with a CVT gearbox that powers the front wheel. It is priced pretty high in the segment that might be a deal-breaker. 
Mileage: 14.4kmpl

The Nissan Kicks

Nissan Kicks
The Nissan Kicks is a compact SUV from the brand which is feature-rich too. It is one of the largest cars in the segment but the cabin doesn’t feel so spacious. It comes with 1.3-litre turbo petrol that makes 153bhp and 254Nm torque or 1.5-liter petrol that makes 104bhp and 142Nm torque. 
Mileage: 14.23kmpl

The Jeep Compass

Jeep Compass
The youngest among the Jeeps, The Jeep Compass is certainly made for India. It has a 1.4L petrol engine that makes 160bhp and 250Nm torque. It is either mated with a 6-speed manual transmission or a 7-speed DCT. Even with the tiny engine, it still is a Jeep with 4 selectable terrain modes along with a 4X4 mode. 
Mileage: 14.1kmpl

The MG Hector

MG Hector
The MG Hector is a feature-loaded car with “Internet inside” which means it gets 4G connectivity. Under the hood, it gets a 1.5L petrol engine that makes 141bhp and 250Nm torque. It is mated with a  6-speed MT or a 6-speed AT. 
Mileage: 13.96kmpl

The Hyundai Tuscon

Hyundai Tucson
The Hyundai Tucson is the premium SUV from the brand and it has launched the face lifted version in India. Tucson petrol comes with a 2.0L petrol engine that makes 149 hp and 192Nm torque. It is mated with a 6-speed automatic only option. 
Mileage: 12.95kmpl

The MG Hector Plus

MG Hector plus
The MG Hector Plus is one of the most loaded SUVs in the segment. It is the extended version of the Hector with similar features along with an added extra row. It comes with a 1.5L petrol engine that makes 141hp and 250Nm torque that is mated with a 6-speed manual or an optional 6-speed AMT. 
Mileage: 11.67kmpl

The Toyota Innova Crysta

Toyota Innova Crysta
The Toyota Innova Crysta is the MPV that has been leading the segment ever since it was launched. The 2.7-liter petrol cranks out 163bhp and makes 245Nm torque. It is mated with a 5-speed manual transmission or an optional 6-speed automatic. 
Mileage: 10.75kmpl

The Toyota Fortuner

Toyota Fortuner
The Toyota Fortuner is clearly one of the most famous SUVs in India. Known for its reliability and capability it is also offered in both petrol and diesel engines. The 2.7L petrol engine makes 163bhp and 245Nm torque which is delivered to the rear wheel through a 6-speed manual transmission or an optional AMT. 
Mileage: 10kmpl
Price and Mileage comparision
The list is almost made of SUVs if you are looking for that petrol pickup and still want an SUV, this chart helps you pick the best in the list. The Ford Ecosports that offers 15.9Kmpl mileage is still the best choice when it comes to budget SUVs. The Honda CR-V being a premium SUV surprisingly has great mileage.

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